Frequently Asked Questions

(aka things people ask me on social media… all the time)

  • What do you mean “Mattbrown - one word?”

It’s true! I’ve been called Mattbrown since the 3rd grade when I stopped insisting on being called Matthew. These days if some one yells Matt, 9 times out of 10, I forget to even look around.

  • What’s the connection between Live Pacific Northwest & Hasson Company Realtors?

As a Realtor, I am an independent contractor. Live Pacific Northwest is my LLC that I operate under, but the brokerage I hang my license with is the legendary Hasson Company Realtors. By being associated with Hasson I get access to better services, phenomenal mentoring by the best brokers in the Pacific Northwest and access to the Hasson Network!

  • What’s the Hasson Network?

The Hasson network is the family of realtors and real estate professionals that I can take any question to and get dozens of solid answers. Need a referral for an awesome roofer? Hasson Network. Need to know the details on a development going in by your house? Hasson Network. Now odds are I know the answer to most questions that come up, but man is it awesome to not be on my own out here!

  • How much does it cost to work with you?

Well that all depends (ahahahahah silly realtor answer).

For reals though, 99.9% of the time HOME BUYERS don’t pay me at all. My commission comes from the seller’s agent.

Unfortunately that means that SELLERS do pay me out of the sale of their home and from that I pay the buyer’s agent.

Of course there are occasional exceptions to this…which is why I started with it depends. Give me a call and we can talk it through.

  • Where is your office?

Northwest Portland (25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 4, Portland Oregon 97210) is the address I use, but the truth is I mainly meet with folks in coffee shops & bars. I love our office… but I adore a delicious drink.

  • How can I become your preferred ______________?

Lenders, Title Company’s, Contractors, etc… you know who you are. What’s it take to get me to send my clients your way?

1) Be Awesome: I partner with folks I can trust. Folks I’d ride into battle with. They do great work. Communicate regularly and quickly. Deeply care about their clients and the Pacific Northwest. It’s pretty simple, but most companies struggle to do so.

2) Know Me: I want to work with people who are Awesome, but also get me. My bar is high. I may be a rock & roll kid with tattoos, BUT I take my work seriously. I am passionate about it. I think about it constantly, because I want to be the best, but more importantly I want my clients to be exponentially better for meeting me than they were before. If this doesn’t resonate… we’re probably not on the same page.

  • Which areas of the Pacific Northwest do you work in?

Well I prefer Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington. However, the truth is that I have helped my clients by and sell homes from as far east as Hood River and as far west as the Pacific Ocean. I’ll go as far north as Castle Rock Washington and as far south as Salem Oregon. My criteria is 1) the work is for a rad client 2) I know the community 3) I have enough available time to serve you in that area.

Here’s the good news if you’re outside of my territory: WE HAVE CONNECTIONS TO AWESOME REALTORS ALL OVER THE NORTHWEST LET ALONE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY. Give me a call I can connect you!

  • Why do you always post about music and Podcasts?

It’s my life blood!!! I’m an avid vinyl collector and fanatical learner. If i dig it, I share it. Always feel free to hit me up anytime you want something new to listen too.

  • Why are your eyebrows white?

When I was a young, I used to tell other kids that I fell in a bucket of bleach when I was toddler and my eyebrows have been white ever since. These days though… I have no idea why I get asked. I’m a calico. Red beard, rust colored hair, and white eyebrows (and lashes).